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I just started playing with my Wiz again after some months of other projects.

Still with the 1.2.1 firmware g_ether does not work for me.
What does work for me is installing a custom kernel with the 1.2.1 firmware and using custom modules for lf1000_udc and g_ether.
In other words: I now have a _working_ usb network connection (just got it to work a few minutes ago but I'm too excited to do a real test (netcat connection works) ;-) ) but it definitely seems to require building a kernel yourself (and then replacing uImage from fw 1.2.1 with your own uImage). (I built my kernel from the wiz branch in the pandora.git).
I'm not yet sure if this brakes something - I'm not going to buy any commercial games for the wiz so I don't care if this part is broken...

If anyone is interested in getting this to work I'll write up the process. So far I was not able to just replace the kernel without updating the whole filesystem from the sd card - this kind of sucks. I guess I'll create a custom bootloader soon that can do this for me...

Now the Wiz got a lot more interesting again for me :-) .
Es decir que recompilando el kernel que les pasaron consigue hacer funcionar los modulos.
En otro post ( notaz pone las instrucciones para recompilar el kernel y un usuario consigue recompilar unos módulos para que funcionen, la diferencia es que parece que con este módulo (usbdevfs) no hace falta reinstalar todo el FS como le pasa a hiben...