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Nueva fabentura pamachal!

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  1. Avatar de CoMiKe
    Por mi, puedes hacerlo ya, Tanuquillo. Creo que no va a venir mucha más gente a aportar correcciones, jeje.
  2. Avatar de Khan
    Mmmm...pensándolo mejor no sería muy prudente postearlo ahora que andan calentitos con el envío de las carcasas xDDD
    Actualizado 03/05/2010 a las 15:20 por Khan
  3. Avatar de tanuquillo
    jua jua... ya me imagino.. nos llamaran spanierdss o mexicamssss
    el melgo y el flowapowa aun se deben acordar..
  4. Avatar de juanvvc
    My two cents:

    - Have to lern jardware->must learn welding to mount little resistors if needed.
    - we ale given landom beatings->we ale landomly beaten
    - i already have enough money. will search for a good factory.->enough money. ready for a good american factory
    - wold flom jesus child.->sweal to little jesus
    - slowel than a gipsy signing lesignation lettel of the unemployment benefit->slowel than a spaniald signing lesignation of the unemployment benefit (y así nos reímos de nosotros mismos y buen rollo)
    - slated in the board being accused of swindler->slated in boards accused of scam
  5. Avatar de juanvvc
    Y como texto introductorio:

    "The coonventures of the racoon" are a long standing comic-series by a well known troll of gp32spain. Their leading role is a disgusting, selfish and violent "gi'me-your-hymen" racoon. This time, his rotten plans of world domination involve developing a handheld device to make an insane amount of money and, well, collect some new hymens"
    Actualizado 03/05/2010 a las 19:31 por juanvvc
  6. Avatar de CoMiKe
    Grande, juanvvc! Añadidas tus correcciones.

    The fapbentures of Pache the Raccoon!


    Pachendora - The open source handheld


    Raccoonical firiends as my life is shit I decided to create an open source handheld to be able to emulate all my childhood games and forget my raccoonical life


    First thing is to study I.T.

    Warp, from IBM? This shall be the coolest thing!!


    Must lern hardware and welding to mount all boards when necessary. and this? a button battery? so little drains this? and that thing? a fan? it must be for feet in summer...


    now i need people's money to start manufacturing. i will search for a forum

    i'm the raccoon that can't eat flour

    the celiac raccoon. or were I a ceiling raccoon?


    enough money. will start searching for a good factory.


    a handheld to control them all!!!!!!!! muahahahaha


    i'm paid with lice

    i sleep on a caldboald box

    we ale landomly beaten

    tomollow is the chinese new yeal... this is going to be delayed a bit


    alo? tell me, ml Pache. yeah, yeah, don't wolly. i assule you that cases will be leady in two weeks. sweal to little jesus

    i'm also beaten landomly.


    5 years later...

    damn chinese men, they fooled me like a chinese man.

    i had to hide for 5 years in this trunk so forum members don't find me.


    we chinese men ale efficient wolkels, but we ale slowel than a spaniald signing lesignation of the unemployment benefit.


    poor little Pache was slated in boards being accused of scam... he cried lonely in his trunk until, in a happy spring day, the first shipment of the yearned Pachendora arrived... at last, his dream came true.


    Ml. Pache, we ale solly about the delay. hele you have.

    give'em to me or I stab you!!! give me your hymen!!


    integrated webcam than points straight to the genitals, perfect for faproulette

    anal logic pad

    softy-rubber qwerty keyboard

    gay pride colors

    Actualizado 04/05/2010 a las 13:31 por CoMiKe
  7. Avatar de CoMiKe
    Por cierto, yo mantendría el nombre de Pache. Y el texto introductorio mola mil!
  8. Avatar de tanuquillo
    hymen collector......... pache es mucho mas!!!
    o no? bueno pos si ya esta la traduccion mañana la paso
  9. Avatar de Kurraudo
    Cita Iniciado por Comike
    ... at last, his dream came true.
  10. Avatar de CoMiKe
  11. Avatar de Khan
    Ya que estamos...

    they fooled me like a chinese man
    ¿o era una hoyganada a propósito? xDDD
  12. Avatar de CoMiKe
    Ozti, eso ha sido un despiste mio. Ya está arreglao.
  13. Avatar de SplinterGU
    jojojo, tremenda fabentura pachamal!
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